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Jatujak Market Story
Jatujak Market owes its origin to Field Marshal Plaek Bhibulsongkram, the late prime minister of Thailand (1938 - 1944, 1948 - 1957), who came up with the idea of setting up a flea market in every town. As a result, the first flea market in Bangkok was held at Sanam Luang and was called Sanam Luang Flea Market. However, there was time when the place was needed for other special functions and the flea market was then relocated to Saranrom Palace and settled there for 8 years.After that, it was moved again to Sanam Chai.But because of the limited space, it had to be moved back to Sanam Luang.Unfortunately, in the same year, the government issued a policy to turn Sanam Luang into a public park for citizens of Bangkok and to be the venue to celebrate 200  year anniversary  of Krung Rattanakosin, which would be held in 1982. Thus, it was decided that the flea market would be held at Paholyothin District from then on and it is later called Jatujak Market after the nearby park under the same name.
Try not to get lost!
Because of its extensive space (around 28 acres), the name Jatujak Market appears in Guinness Book of World Record as the largest flea market in the world selling wide of thousands of items.Not surprisingly, lots of people get lost during their shopping spree here.But jatujakplaza.com is more than willing to provide the ultimate shopping experience for you.This Guidebook will recommend some of the shop that should never be missed and provide you an easy to read map.
How to get to Jatujak Market
Sky Train(BTS) get off at Sapan Khwai Station or Moh Chit Station
Underground Train Station(MRT) get off at Kamphaeng Phet Station
Bus 3,8,26,27,28,29,34,38,39,44,52,59,63,77,90,96,104,408,112,122,134,136,138,153,159
Air Condition Bus 2,3,9,18,19,34,38,39,44,134,145,153,510,512,513